Modular kitchen cabinets – Modern solutions for cozy kitchens

Modular kitchen cabinets must be the familiar products for many families because of their special design and outstanding features that are always appreciated by customers. To learn about the features of this modular cabinet as well as its design classification, do not ignore the following article of Sanko.

What are modular kitchen cabinets?

Modular kitchen cabinets are types of cabinets assembled from many different cabinet blocks, forming a unified whole. Because of this special structural feature, modular cabinets are much more flexible than traditional kitchen cabinets.

Is it good to install modular cabinets

To know whether to install a modular cabinet or not, you need to understand the structral characteristics and features of the cabinet to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this cabinet design.


Modular kitchen cabinets

Modular cabinets have outstanding advantages in terms of flexible and unified structure as well as good bearing capacity.

  • Flexible structure of modular cabinets: This type of cabinet is made up of many different cabinets blocks, that’s why the installation and shaping of kitchen cabinets is very simple, and they can also be disassembled easily. In addition, customers can request the agency to design the cabinet to match their kitchen in terms of the size and design.
  • High weight bearing capacity: By being made up of many separate modules, modular cabinets have high bearing capacity. Each module is a separate space which can contain many items. This is completely different from the rest of the cabinets. Therefore, you do not need to worry about safety when there is too much stuff inside.
  • Suitable for many kitchen spaces: Modular kitchen cabinet is a new type of kitchen cabinet which is always diverse in terms of design. Therefore, whether your home is designed in a classic or modern style, these cabinets are also an extremely appropriate choice.


Besides the advantages, when using modular cabinets, you also need to know some of the following limitations:

  • Modular cabinet takes up a lot of space. As you know, each cabinet module will generate additional partitions. In particular, if you use 18mm thick partitions, the cabinets will take up a lot of your kitchen’s space.
  • Modular cabinets have a relatively high cost. The addition of partitions in each cabinet block not only takes up space inside the kitchen, but also incurs more production costs. Therefore, when buying modular kitchen cabinets, this type of cabinet will cost more than traditional one.
Modular kitchen cabinets have certain limitations

After going through the pros and cons of modular kitchen cabinets, the decision to buy depends on the customer’s financial ability, kitchen space and intended use.

  • For the small kitchens, it is not recommended to use modular cabinets because this design is very expensive. When the kitchen space is small, you are not able to arrange too many cabinet modules, thereby making the arrangement of items very limited.
  • For customers who do not have too high requirements in terms of cabinet durability and only use modular kitchen cabinets in the short term, this type is also not suitable. In fact, modular cabinets are quite expensive to buy and install, so it would be a waste if you only use the product for a while.
  • Modular kitchen cabinets are reasonable for the kitchens with a relatively large area, as well as customers who require high cabinet durability for long-term use.

Classification of modular kitchen cabinets

In terms of classification, based on the design, modular kitchen cabinets are divided into 4 types, including I-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped.


I-shaped cabinets are suitable for installation in small kitchens. The I-shaped design is simple and often installed across the kitchen space.


L-shaped kitchen cabinets are a cabinet design for kitchens with long and narrow spaces. L-shaped kitchen cabinets have an extended design on both sides and a right angle in the middle, allowing homeowners to make full use of the dead corners in the kitchen.


Having a relatively large design, U-shaped cabinets are suitable for installation in large spaces. In addition, when installing a U-shaped cabinet, the sides of the cabinet will be surrounded by 3 cooktops, which is extremely convenient and users can store a lot of cooking utensils, spices and food.

Notes to know when installing and using modular kitchen cabinets

Here are the important notes you need to know when installing modular cabinets.

  • Place cabinets in convenient areas where you can easily get spices and cooking utensils.
  • Do not install the cabinet too close to the sink to avoid moisture and termites.
  • The cabinet should be installed in a cool place, limiting exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not put too many things inside the cabinet. This will make it difficult for you to see and get the items inside.
  • Do not place the cabinet near gas stoves or wet areas.

The above article is Sanko’s share about the advantages and drawbacks that you may encounter when using modular kitchen cabinets. To find out more information related to the product, please visit the website

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