Where to buy modular kitchen cabinets? Reasons to choose modular kitchen cabinets

Modular cabinets are a new form of kitchen cabinets, appearing in many families today, the design of the cabinets have many advantages in terms of structure and features. Hence, where to buy modular cabinets? Should we install modular cabinets in our kitchen?

What is moduler kitchen cabinet?

Buying modular kitchen cabinets to install in kitchens is the current interior decoration trend. So what is modular cabinet? Modular cabinet is a type of cabinet assembled from many separate cabinet blocks. Compared to traditional cabinets that are built base on the available shapes, modular cabinets are appreciated for their flexibility by being assembled from many different cabinet blocks that users can disassemble and install the cabinets easily.

Why you should buy modular kitchen cabinets?

Here are some reasons why many families choose to buy modular cabinets for their kitchen.

Reasons to buy modular cabinets
Why we should choose modular cabinets

Flexible structure

The structure of the modular cabinets is assembled from many different cabinet blocks, forming a unified whole, taking advantage of the dead corners in the kitchen. Because of this structure, the assembly and installation of the cabinet is more flexible.

In addition, homeowners can also request to create modular cabinets base on the area and design they desire to make the cabinets more suitable for the space of their kitchen.

Good weight bearing capacity

Modular cabinets are made up of many separate cabinet blocks, which make them completely different in terms of structure and weight bearing capacity from the remaining cabinet modules. Therefore, when you have to store heavy items inside the cabinet, you do not need to worry about the safety.

For the above reasons, modular cabinets nowadays become the first choice of many families when decorating the kitchens. However, this kind of cabinet takes up a lot of space with a relatively expensive price. So you should consider carefully if your kitchen space is large enough before investing a large sum of money on the design of kitchen cabinets.

Important notes to buy modular kitchen cabinets

When choosing to buy modular kitchen cabinets, customers need to pay attention to the following important issues.

Important notes to buy mudular cabinets
Important notes to buy mudular cabinets

Material of the cabinets

Currently, there are many types of materials to produce modular cabinets, including stainless steel, natural and artificial wood.

The stainless steel material has high durability and gloss, easy to be cleaned but it is not really suitable for decoration in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets made from natural wood are very suitable for placing in the kitchen, but they are susceptible to termites and warping combine with the high cost. Meanwhile, artificial wood has a low cost, good termite resistance, but is easily scratched and damaged after a long time of use.

Design the cabinets to suit your kitchen space

Nowadays, there are 3 popular types of modular cabinets, including I, L and U-shaped. Each of them is suitable for different kitchen spaces.

  • I-shaped modular cabinets are suitable for kitchens with small spaces which can effectively save space.
  • L-shaped modular cabinets are suitable for installation in kitchens with long and narrow spaces.
  • U-shaped modular cabinets are suitable for installation in large kitchen spaces.

Choose the right size

To avoid buying and installing unsuitable cabinets for the kitchen space, you need to measure the area of ​​the kitchen before deciding to order. Then you need to estimate the measurement of the area used to install the module cabinets. In addition, measuring the height of the kitchen is also very important, which can avoid the imbalance of the kitchen.

Choose the suitable colors

Color is also a very important factor when installing cabinets. There are 2 main interior design trends today, including contrasting color and same tone color.

If you choose cabinets with a color that contrasts with the color of the walls and floor, it will make your overall kitchen stand out. On the other side, if you want to have a simple and uniform kitchen, choose the cabinets with the similar color to the other utensils in the kitchen.

Choose a reputable supplier and installer

So where to buy modular cabinets? Choosing a reputable kitchen installation company is also one of the important criteria when buying modular cabinets. Currently, Sanko Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the top choices of many customers.

Choosing a reputable installation company is very important

Sanko Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been present on the Vietnamese market for 20 years. With many years of experience, Sanko always brings customers the best quality products. Sanko specializes in providing consulting services, designing and installing kitchen equipment systems for y an famous chains of restaurants, hotels, schools and industrial zones in Vietnam. At the same time, Sanko also provides equipment such as kitchen cabinets, stoves, … with hig quality and prestige, ensuring safety and durability issues.

With 3 showrooms in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Sanko always meets the needs of customers. To contact Sanko Co., Ltd., please visit website www.sanko.com.vn or hotline 0844 803 777 and email info@sanko.com.vn.

Where to buy modular cabinets is one of the issues that many customers worry about. The above question has been answered through this article. You have just learned more about the advantages of using modular cabinets. To discover more information about the products, please visit Sanko’s website immediately.

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