The process of installing an industrial kitchen project is very complicated, requiring a wide understanding and multi-disciplinary techniques, so it is very important for investors to consider choosing a professional design consulting unit.

And industrial kitchen equipment requires a number of specialized standards, so before implementing the design, the Investor needs to prepare some of the following information in advance:

 Food safety regulations, standards/certifications must be registered in order to be licensed to operate
 Menu of Asian and European dishes
 Number of guests or meals to be served
 Investment budget
 Floor plan, appropriate areas, ensure one-way rules, avoid cross-contamination…
 Choose configurations, devices, and principles to maximize functionality and flexibility…


Step 1. Record overview information, receive floor plan
Step 2. Set the layout of the areas (preliminary layout)
Step 3. Survey the actual ground, make equipment layout drawings
Step 4. Agree with the Investor
Step 5. Make M&E drawings of electricity, water, gas…