Kitchen cabinets with modular design are currently one of the most popular interior products in 2021, chosen by many families to decorate their kitchens. So what are modular kitchen cabinets, what are the pros and cons? Should we install modular cabinets? Let’s find out right through the following article.

What is modular kitchen cabinets?

First of all, there must be a lot of readers wondering what modular kitchen cabinets are, especially when this type of cabinets is becoming more and more popular. Modular cabinets are the name used to refer to pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, made up of separate cabinet blocks.

Tủ bếp module được lắp ráp từ nhiều khối tách biệt

Compared with modular cabinets, traditional kitchen cabinets are cabinets that are built base on the available shapes, with the normal cabinet, there are usually no partition between separate blocks. Therefore, when it comes to flexibility, modular kitchen cabinets are much more appreciated than the traditional one.

Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of modular kitchen cabinets

To understand why modular kitchen cabinets have become the preferred choice of many families, let’s come to the pros and cons of this type of cabinet.


Tủ bếp module với nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội

Flexible structure

Flexible construction is one of the greatest advantages of modular cabinets. The structure of the modular kitchen cabinet is from separate blocks. They are assembled together to form a complete cabinet. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets are built in modules with suitable designs for the every single kitchen space as well as the needs of the family. On the other hand, families can also comfortably arrange the modules to best fit the kitchen.

The ability to change the structure easily also make the housewive’s job easier than ever.

Unified structure

Besides the flexible structure, the unified structure is also one of the significant advantages of modular kitchen cabinets. Although they are separate blocks, this type of cabinets can be combined into a unified block if they are assembled together, taking advantages of the dead corners inside the kitchen space. In addition, the modules of the cabinet are also designed with standard measurements, making it easier for customers to choose equipment and tools.

Good weight bearing capacity

When it comes to the outstanding strengths of modular kitchen cabinets, it is impossible to ignore the high bearing capacity of this type of cabinet. Each module is a cabinet compartment with its own function and bearing capacity, completely separate from the rest of the cabinet blocks. Therefore, these modules can ensure the safety in use.

The cabinets can bear the weight of the items inside even after being used for a long time. In case you order your own module design, the architects can also calculate the specific wieght that the cabinet blocks must bear to create the most suitable module.

Quickly disassembled

Each cabinet block is a completely separated compartment  from the remaining modules. Therefore, if you want to disassemble the cabinet compartment, you can do it completely quickly, without the assemblers.

High applicability in many different spaces

Modular kitchen cabinets are manufactured with many different designs, so the product can be suitable for several types of kitchen spaces. From luxurious classic home designs to modern home spaces, all of them are suitable for using modular kitchen cabinets. In addition, with the flexible disassembly feature, these cabinets also greatly assist in arranging the kitchen space neatly, with higher aesthetics.


Besides the outstanding advantages in terms of structure and bearing capacity, modular cabinets still have some limitations.

Giá bán của tủ bếp module tương đối cao
The price of modular kitchen cabinets is relatively high

Space occupation

The design of modular kitchen cabinets is created from many separated kitchen compartments. Therefore, if the compartments are installed together, the partitions can take up a lot of space, especially for the 18mm thick partition cabinets.

Compared to traditional cabinets, which are shaped into the right design, modular kitchen cabinets can take up more space in the kitchen. If your kitchen space is relatively small, using modular kitchen cabinets can make the kitchen narrow.

Relatively high price

Price is also one of the limitations that makes many customers hesitate when deciding to buy modular cabinets. Through designing and producing process, manufacturers have to create additional partitions for the cabinet compartments. This is the reason for incuring additional costs. Thus, if you do not want to invest a lot of money in your kitchen, you should consider carefully before choosing to use modular kitchen cabinets.

Tủ bếp có giá thành tương đối cao

Then, should we use modular kitchen cabinets?

After evaluating the pros and cons of modular cabinets, is it good to use this cabinet design?

  • If your kitchen has a relatively small space, you should use traditional cabinets. It may save space for the partitions. The rest of the space can be used to install other kitchen appliances. However, if your kitchen space is large enough and airy, the modular cabinet design is highly recommended. The flexibly assembled cabinets are much more convenient and take advantage of the dead space.
  • If you want to change the style of the cabinet to create a new look in the kitchen after being used for a while, cabinet with a modular design is not a reasonable choice. As mentioned above, this type is quite expensive with additional partitions. Hence, if you choose a modular cabinet, you should use it for a long time.
  • If the durability and safety of the cabinets is the top priority factor, then modular kitchen cabinets are the wonderful solution your kitchen.
Tùy vào thiết kế bếp để có thể quyết định có nên sử dụng tủ module hay không
Depending on the kitchen design, you can decide whether to use a modular cabinet or not

Types of modular cabinets today

Currently, there are 3 common types of modular kitchen cabinets: I-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets.


Modular cabinets with an I-shaped design are the most commonly used cabinets on the market. The I-shaped design is extremely simple, which is suitable for small and narrow kitchens.Besides, separated cabinets can help you divide cooking utensils and spices appropriately.


If you want to discover about the design that can fit in with all of the kitchen spaces, then L-shaped is the best choice. L-Shaped modular kitchen cabinets have aright angle  in the middle and 2 sides open, which can help the users to take advantages of the dead corners in their kitchens.

Although your cooking space is not too large, you can also install L-Shaped modular cabinets in order to store more kitchen utensils inside.


U-shaped kitchen cabinets with a very large design, are surrounded by 3 sides of the kitchen. U-shaped design is suitable for those who want to use many kitchen utensils and have a large space. In particular, this modules also take up a lot of area with thick partitions. Because of that, if your kitchen is relatively small, U-shaped kitchen cabinets are not recommended.

Essential criteria when choosing modular kitchen cabinets

To choose a quality cabinet that suitable for the kitchen, readers need to understand clearly these following criteria.

Những tiêu chí quan trọng khi chọn tủ bếp
Important note when choosing kitchen cabinets


Materials greatly affect the durability, cost as well as aesthetics of kitchen cabinets. Therefore, when buyng kitchen cabinets, this is the first factor that needs to be considered.

  • Stainless steel kitchen cabinets with materials made of 100% stainless steel, can improve the safety and durability of the cabinets for a long time. Stainless steel material does not cause rust over time, minimizing the termites and warping. Moreover, the cabinet surface is always shiny and very easy to clean. However, stainless steel cabinets are quite expensive and metal materials are not suitable for the feng shui of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen cabinets made from natural wood have the advantage of luxurious colors, which can be combined with many different kitchen designs. However, this type of wood is susceptible to termites and is quite expensive.
  • Cabinets made from industrial wood have many colors with reasonable prices and are difficult to discolor over time. However, this type of cabinet is very susceptible to scratches and severe damage if installed in a humid environment for a long time.

The size of the cabinet  should fit the kitchen

Choosing the right cabinet size for your kitchen is very important. If the cabinets are too large compared to the kitchen, it can make your kitchen narrow. On the other sides, when the kitchen cabinets are too small compared to the space, it creates an imbalance.

Hence, you need to measure the size of ​​the kitchen before deciding how much of the kitchen will be used to install the cabinets, as well as the height of the kitchen.

How should the design of the kitchen cabinet be chosen??

As shared above, modular kitchen cabinets have many different designs, including I-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets, each type of them has different advantages and limitations. However, you should notice the following selection criteria:

  • L-Shaped cabinets are used for the long and narrow kitchens.
  • I-Shaped cabinets are used for the small kitchen space
  • U-Shaped cabinets are used for the larger kitchen space.

Kiểu dáng cần phù hợp với gian bếp

Where to install prestigious modular kitchen cabinets?

Choosing a reputable company that specializes in installing kitchen cabinets is a priority for many families. Kitchen cabinets are the main furniture items that will accompany families for many years, that’s why choosing a supplier with poor quality products will bring a lot of risks. The cabinets can not be used for a long time. Understanding this concern, Sanko Vietnam Co., Ltd always provides users with durable and safe product lines.

With more than 20 years of launching and operating in Vietnam market, Sanko has become one of the prestigious supplier for families. Sanko operates in the field of providing consulting services, designing and installing kitchen cabinet systems for restaurants, hotels and hospitals,… In addition, we are also a supplier of several kinds of prestigious, safe and durable kitchen cabinets, that are great choices of many Vietnamese customers.

With modular kitchen cabinets, Sanko provides customers with quality products such as: MODULE GOCXE, MODULE UCHEN, MODULE TUCAO, MODULE GOCKE, VNGAN – VHONG – VOPTR, MODULE C900CR, MODULE C750BE, MODULE TR300, MODULE TR450, MODULE C600XN, MODULE C300GV và MODULE C300TG.

Modular kitchen cabinets are evaluated to be one of the most convenient choice for modern architecture because of the outstanding durability, flexible structure and easy installation capability. For further information of quality, reasonable price modular cabinets, you can contact the reputable company. Please access Sanko’s website to discover more.