Plan kitchen cabinets is a suggestive design, arranged according to popular shapes such as I-shaped, L-shaped and kitchen island counters, helping you sketch out your future kitchen ideas and scenes. To turn your ideas into reality, Sanko has a team of engineers and architects who are always ready to give design advice and bring many perfect options to customers. 

Tủ bếp chữ I – Tiện nghi hiện đại

I-shaped kitchen cabinets – Modern amenities

Kitchen cabinets are installed in the shape of an I, combined with light or neutral colors, which is suitable for kitchens with small space, simple style but fully equipped with amenities as well as ensure the essential function.

L-shaped kitchen cabinets – More open space

Reasons to buy modular cabinets

L-shaped kitchen cabinets help users to store more items with 2 sides, arranged at right angles. This type is suitable for medium and large kitchen spaces. The kitchen is larger and more open by taking advantages of the dead corners and pillars in the house, making it easier for housewives to move during the cooking process.

Kitchen island counters – Perfect function

Tủ bếp Đảo – Hoàn hảo công năng

– More storage space.
– According to European kitchen design, the kitchen island counter is usually designed separately. It is separated from the kitchen cabinet system.
– The kitchen island can also be used as a dining table or food preparation table, etc. Depending on each of these functions, the lower kitchen cabinets are designed to be most suitable and convenient.

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