As we did our best to provide our customers a better experience when purchasing and using our products, this is our exchange policy: 

  1. Form of exchange and return
  • If the product is defective due to the manufacturer, we will exchange the product with a same model, same size, same color product.
  • If the exchange product is out of stock, it will be exchanged for an equivalent product with the same capacity, same type, same size and function
  1. Exchange and return conditions
  • If the delivered product is not the right model that you ordered on our website (please notify us immediately after receiving the order for an exchange)
  • The product has technical problems due to the manufacturer’s error
  • The exchange product must be intact, not broken, cracked or scratched
  • Product has not been used, still has stamps, original box, warranty card, purchased card.
  1. Exchange and return period
  • The product will be eligible for exchange and return within 10 days of purchase
  1. Refund policy
  • Exchange products of the same model, same type, there will be no refund
  • Exchange products with different models (due to out of stock):
    If the unit price is lower than the purchased product, the difference will be refunded
    – If the unit price is higher than the purchased product, the difference will be charged