Dear customers,

Sanko would like to thank you for trusting and purchasing our products. In order for customers to understand our warranty policy, please refer to the following content:

  1. Warranty period

Eligible products manufactured by SANKO VN are warrantied free of charge according to the period specified below, counted from the date of purchase:

Built-in Double Burner Electric Cooktop

24 months

Dual Electric Cooktop

24 months

Single Electric Cooktop

12 months

Range Hood

24 months

Built-in Double Burner Gas Cooktop

24 months

Double Burner Gas Stove

24 months

Stainless steel kitchen Cabinets

10 years

Rails and hinges of Hafele: 2 years

Wood of An Cuong: no warranty

Other Products

12 months

  1. Warranty terms and conditions

Conditions of free warranty

  • The product is still within the warranty period from the date of purchase as registered in the warranty card (in case the date of purchase cannot be determined, the date of manufacture shall be calculated).
  • The product is damaged due to internal components or the fault of the manufacturer.

Products not covered by free warranty

  • The warranty card is modified, the serial number on the warranty card is unknown or does not correspond to the product
  • The product is used or installed not in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical requirements and instructions for use.
  • Damaged products are caused by external factors such as: natural disasters, floods, thunder, fire, accidents, external cracks and impacts due to poor transportation and storage of products.
  • The product has shown signs of previous repair in places that are not part of the system of authorized Sanko service centers
  • No warranty on parts attached to the product such as batteries, stove brackets, power cords, connecting pipes, etc.
  1. Warranty registration instructions
  • Within 15 days from the date of purchase, please fill out all information and send it to Sanko to ensure warranty benefits, you can choose one of two warranty registration forms as follows:
    – Method 1: Sign up by email:
    – Method 2: Send registration form to Customer Service Center (contact information below)
  1. Contact information – technical error report

For warranty issues, please contact:

Sanko Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: Km13 + 800, Provincial Road 835A, My Loc Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province

Customer Service: 028 6265 8358

Hotline: 0844 803 777