Industrial kitchen is a very familiar kitchen system for places that serve many people such as restaurants, hotels, schools and industrial parks,… So when installing this kitchen system, there are different types. Which kitchen does the customer need to know? Let’s find out right through the following article.

Introduction to industrial kitchens

Bếp công nghiệp là một hệ thống thiết bị nhà bếp phục vụ cho nhiều suất ăn
Industrial kitchen is a system of kitchen equipment serving many meals

What is an industrial kitchen?

Industrial kitchen is a very familiar term, but surely many people still do not understand what this type of stove is. In fact, an industrial kitchen is a system of kitchen equipment that is manufactured according to standards to meet the needs of cooking and food processing to serve many people. This kitchen system is installed in places that need to serve up to thousands of meals or where there are many diners and employees.

Industrial kitchen are often manufactured from stainless steel material to bring durability and strength, high heat resistance. When using this kitchen system, it will usually be divided into many areas such as the receiving area for raw food, the food storage area and the preliminary processing area, the cooking area, the area to keep cool and keep the food hot, food division and dishwashing area.

Where are industrial kitchens used?

Unlike a family kitchen, which is only used in the home’s kitchen with a small size and scale, an industrial kitchen has a very large scale and includes all the necessary utensils for cooking for many servings. Therefore, an industrial kitchen is a type of kitchen that is not installed in homes or small offices, but is only used to serve in industrial parks, where large kitchens are needed or in collective areas.

Therefore, the objects that are installed industrial kitchens are usually places such as military environments, barracks, schools, workers’ kitchens or restaurants, large-scale hotels, …

Usually, an industrial kitchen is a kitchen system designed in a one-way kitchen model, and is divided into many areas with different functions, ensuring food safety and hygiene issues. At the same time, this kitchen design will help the chef system the cooking stages logically and from there, cooking for many servings will not take too much time.

Bếp công nghiệp được sử dụng tại các nhà hàng, khách sạn, khu công nghiệp,...
Industrial kitchens are used in restaurants, hotels, industrial parks,…

Classification of industrial kitchens

Currently, industrial kitchen systems are divided into 2 types, including industrial kitchens with a torch and industrial kitchens without a torch.

Phân loại các thiết bị bếp công nghiệp
Classification of industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial kitchen with a torch

Industrial gas stove with a torch is a kind of stove with a very large flame, suitable for processing fast foods, especially if you stir-fry vegetables with a stove with a torch, it will help vegetables become greener. Industrial kitchen with a torch also includes many products of different sizes, customers can choose the appropriate size to use.

Industrial kitchen without a torch

An industrial stove without a torch is a stove with a lower fire mode than an industrial stove with a torch, suitable for stewing food.

Comparison between Asian and European industrial kitchens

An industrial kitchen is a kitchen system that makes cooking for many servings faster and more convenient. Because restaurants, hotels and collective areas are growing in size, the demand for industrial kitchens is increasing. Currently, industrial kitchens are divided into Asian kitchens and European kitchens.

Asian industrial stove is a type of stove that is used a lot to cook oriental dishes with a high capacity burner, helping food to cook faster and more delicious. Meanwhile, European industrial kitchens are used to process Western dishes.

The advantages of using an industrial kitchen

So what are the advantages of industrial kitchens that make many factories, factories, restaurants, hotels, schools, … choose to use in their kitchens?

Sử dụng bếp công nghiệp có nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội
Using an industrial kitchen has many outstanding advantages

The kitchen saves cooking effort

Cooking for too many servings is very laborious and not all chefs can do it, that’s why using an industrial kitchen is very necessary. This kitchen system can help chefs cook a lot of dishes. At the same time, this kitchen is also equipped with a built-in fan and faucet, the chef can cool the food after it has been cooked very quickly without having to spend time moving to the faucet. Thus, the cooking capacity will be greatly enhanced and cooking for many people is no longer a difficult problem.

Industrial kitchens have a variety of designs

Although the kitchen system is very large, it can still be designed with many separate models, suitable for the unique style of each kitchen space. In particular, this advantage is very suitable for restaurants and hotels, helping the kitchen equipment and style to be more harmonious, clearly showing professionalism in the field of cooking. In addition, industrial kitchens can also be divided into many smaller kitchens to arrange and decorate in accordance with the kitchen.

Industrial kitchen easy to clean

To cook for many servings, it is certain that cleaning the cooking equipment will also cost a lot of time, and this drawback has been overcome with the presence of an industrial kitchen system. Kitchen surface with shiny stainless steel material, very easy to clean and clean, you just need to wipe lightly with a clean towel to dislodge the stains, grease stains on the stove.

Important equipment in industrial kitchens

An industrial kitchen is a kitchen system that includes many different appliances, manufactured to support cooking. Inside a large kitchen system, it is certain that there will be some very important equipment, indispensable when the chef cooks. These appliances include industrial stoves, kitchen racks with rice cookers.

Hệ thống bếp có 3 thiết bị không thể thiếu
The kitchen system has 3 indispensable appliances

Industrial kitchen

Normally, industrial kitchens will be designed to suit different objects, so each place will be equipped with a separate kitchen. However, the characteristics of the stove are all manufactured from stainless steel with bearing capacity, good heat resistance in hot and greasy kitchen environments, high capacity to ensure the fastest and most convenient cooking.

The kitchen rack

The kitchen rack is one of the important parts of the industrial kitchen system. The kitchen rack is an item to store other kitchen equipment as well as the food after it has been processed. Currently, the kitchen rack is made of stainless steel with a compact design, very easy to process.

Rice cooking cabinet

The rice cooker is manufactured from 201 stainless steel material with high durability and good insulation. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the number of servings, the kitchen will be equipped with a 30kg or 50kg cooking cabinet.

How to choose an industrial kitchen?

The standards of a quality industrial kitchen equipment

To choose a quality industrial kitchen, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The size of the kitchen: The size of the stove needs to match your kitchen space. Accordingly, you need to calculate how much kitchen area you need to use to install the kitchen. In addition, measuring the height of the kitchen is also very important.
  • Ensuring capacity: An industrial kitchen is a kitchen that needs a large capacity to ensure that it can cook for many servings. Therefore, choose a stove with a strong capacity.
  • Using high-quality materials: To invest in an industrial kitchen is very expensive, so the product needs to be guaranteed to be used in the long run. To do this, the stove must be constructed of high-quality materials. Usually, the material used is 304 stainless steel with a long life and a certain shine, ensuring the safety of using the product.
  • High aesthetics: Aesthetics is also a necessary criterion when buying industrial kitchens. Accordingly, the kitchen design is soft and always rounded at the edge, which will make it safer for chefs to use.
Các tiêu chuẩn để chọn mua bếp công nghiệp
Criteria to choose to buy industrial kitchens

Important notes when choosing to buy an industrial kitchen

Ensuring the criteria when buying an industrial kitchen is essential to help you own a quality product. However, when buying a kitchen, you should not ignore the following important notes:

  • Customers need to carefully consult experts, learn about Asian and European technology kitchens, … before deciding to buy. The consultants will help you choose the most suitable kitchen system.
  • The chef is the person who most often comes into contact with the kitchen, directly using the cooking utensils, food as well as the kitchen equipment. Therefore, consult the chefs before deciding to buy.
  • Finally, you need to rely on the specific functions that the cookware offers to choose the right cooking appliance.
Những lưu ý khi chọn mua bếp
Notes when choosing to buy a kitchen

How to clean industrial kitchen?

Besides choosing to buy a good kitchen system, the right way to clean and maintain industrial kitchens is also extremely important, helping to keep the kitchen high quality even after being used for a long time. Here are the cleaning instructions for industrial kitchens:

  • Clean the kitchen surface immediately after use because this is the part that has the most contact with food and grease. Using a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the stove is essential to help the kitchen keep its shine as well as its durability, not rust.
  • After cleaning the kitchen surface, you need to remove the hob for cleaning. First, use a brush to scrub away the plaque on the brackets, then, use a towel with cleaning solution to wipe the hob again.
  • Finally, you need to clean the injector along with the gas outlet.

Should buy or design industrial kitchen?

As more and more industrial kitchen suppliers appear, many customers hesitate between buying or designing industrial kitchens. The purchase or design of the kitchen depends on the size of the place where the equipment needs to be installed.

For areas with many servings, you should choose an installation consultant, experts will help you learn and design a suitable kitchen system. Choosing to buy without consulting for a large-scale kitchen can bring customers a lot of risks.

Việc mua hay thiết kế bếp công nghiệp là còn tùy thuộc vào quy mô bếp
Buying or designing an industrial kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen

Where to buy and install industrial kitchens?

Finding and choosing a unit specializing in providing reputable industrial kitchen installation services is very important, helping you to own a quality and durable kitchen system. Sanko Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a unit that has appeared and operated in the Vietnamese market for more than 20 years, specializing in providing kitchen equipment and consulting, installing industrial kitchens. Sanko has carried out many installations of specialized kitchen equipment for restaurants, hotels, schools and industrial parks,…

With many years of working experience and owning a team of professional architects and engineers, Sanko is a reputable unit specializing in providing the best quality consulting and installation services for customers. In addition, here, customers are also provided with high-quality kitchen equipment, which is tested and well-reviewed by users. Currently, Sanko has owned 3 showrooms in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. The contact information for Sanko that customers need to know is as follows:

Please contact Sanko immediately for advice and provide the best quality kitchen equipment system. Through the above article, readers have understood the importance of industrial kitchens as well as important kitchen selection criteria to have a quality kitchen system. To learn more about a variety of products and consulting and installation services, visit Sanko’s website.

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